And that’s what happens…

So much for that first entry. Here I am again. Sometimes we need to take a breather from new goals to appreciate them more. So in that case, I return more focused than ever!

Since my last entry in September, I contemplated a new domain name but then came to my senses and realized it is all about content. At the end of the day, I am HO, MA, GO.

Recently, I took to SnapChat. I like to say, “did you get my ‘snap’?” to my teenagers. I still kinda don’t get ‘it’, Yes, and, (but) I keep on trying it. Just like this HOMAGO blog.

Lots of content in the works.

Stay tuned.


Greetings from HOMAGO!

Embrace. Leverage. Elevate. Learning.

Check. Check. Check. And, Check. It’s a whole new world as Princess Jasmine & Aladdin expressed flying on a magic carpet. Well, this blog is my magic carpet as I take a ride from the normal daily grind to try and hang out, mess around, geek out via this blog. Thanks to my work environment in higher ed, specifically in careers and mentoring, I am practicing what I preach to students through leveraging this great Connected Learning course. Hope this whole new world elevates my connected learning.